Hi. I'm Ken Zinser. I do projects, and this is my blog.



I’m Ken, a Seattle-based designer organizing people and ideas to make systems change for social good.

I’m also a husband; a son; a brother; an uncle — a great-uncle (!); a homeowner; a Cincinnatian, once removed; a Virginia transplant; a type 1 diabetic; INTJ; a porcupine; a dog dad; a city boy; an Apple fanatic; a skater; a hockey player; a casual gamer; and a freakin’ webmaster.

I live in Seattle with my wife, Sarah, and our dog, Olive. I was born in the suburbs of New Haven, Connecticut; and raised in Northern Virginia, just outside the Capital Beltway. Most of my family is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

This site

This my personal website, a quiet little corner of the internet where I collect my thoughts and share ideas.

If you’re interested, start by reading some of my favorite posts:

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Thanks for being here.


Trained in the fundamentals of design and communication

I hold a BFA with honors in Graphic Design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. My senior thesis explored the benefits and pitfalls of three budding social impact programs. You can see my other student work on Behance.

I had tons of good times with my cohort — I owe a lot to Katherine Carberry, Ronald Cortez, Noha Khashoggi, Derek Long, Nancy Palm, and Mike Theodoran. Not to mention my professors Antonio Alcala, John Carmody, Francheska Guerrero, Maria Habib, Ramona Hutko, Antje Kharchi, Robert McVearry, Alice Powers, David Ramos, Johan Severtson and especially Sam Shelton.

Before pursuing an education in design, I spent two years at Miami University of Ohio. I mostly studied English and creative writing.

Personal interests

I genuinely treasure time with my wife, Sarah, and our dog, Olive. I also enjoy roller skating woodworking, playing ping pong, coming up with band names, and collecting flea market dinosaur figurines. I used to hunt for funky neon signs around the city and share my browser tabs. This summer I’m trying to get back into bouldering and rollerblading.