Ken Zinser

Grand scale foot-shooting


Anil Dash on episode 362 of The Talk Show with John Gruber:

There is nothing more effective at making people suddenly have a really strong motivator about what they want to see in the world than them seeing good people harmed.

[Glitch] feels as joyous as the first time you built a MySpace page back in the day, or saw something cool on the internet that you made.

It is very informed by the fact that, from the beginning, the web was supposed to be not just something you consume but something you create.

I had bought the story, that the web had closed up, and people don’t create the web themselves anymore.

All of us have fast food sometimes. In the airport, you’re going to have some McDonalds, it’s going to be fine. And if all you ever eat is the factory farmed fast food you are not going to feel good. The things we remember in our lives, at the end of our lives, are, what are those great meals we had surrounded by people we love made by people who love us that was a cuisine that’s part of our community or part of our culture, part of our tradition.

The same thing could be true of the web that we spend our time on. What if an app that we use every day or a site that we go to everyday was made by somebody that we know or that we love, part of a community we’re part of.

How many apps on your phone were made by somebody you know? Not enough.