Ken Zinser

New Design Council website


siteInspire is one of my go-to sites for web design research and inspiration. They recently posted the new website for Design Council, a British organization for designers, by designers (my impression, not their tagline). The site was designed by Numiko

The site is clean, modern, and highly functional. They utilize the collapsible off-canvas navigation in an interesting way by keeping the menu open at the start as opposed to hidden… so simple, and feasible for clients or UX designers that are wary of hiding ever-important main navigation.

Even better than the superb execution of simplicity, is the simplicity of their messaging. Every title or description makes sense, and speaks both clearly and plainly. I believe this is an especially difficult thing to do, and I applaud them for their clarity of message.

Will definitely be pointing to them as an example of how to do things right.

via siteInspire