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Lessons from India

Things I remember from a month-long trip to India, ten years later

Flight info
June 18
Depart NYC/Kennedy

Left home 12:26p
4:22p New Jersey
~7:30p JFK Airport
7 hours from home to airport

Traffic was unbelievably terrible. Drove through Brooklyn to bypass the (Belt) Parkway… You could see it from the bridge, inching along the shore. Brooklyn wasn’t much better, watched as the GPS estimated arrival time kept getting pushed back. Dad dropped the F-bomb. I was saying it in my head the whole time.

In the airport bathroom: Some guy changing his pants.

9:09 boarded the plane: Pillow and blanket were waiting for me.

June 18, 2010
9:52 plane takes off
9:53:24 lift off

10:54pm in-flight meal

The very nice German lady next to me gave me her ham salad. She had drawn on eyebrows, looks like the sex doctor.

We filled out a survey. Mine in English. It was available in other languages. The lady next to me needed help with the “at” symbol @.

3:31a Rudely awoken!
To be served “breakfast” at 3:31am (unknown local time)

This time the choice was between spaghetti and noodles. I drank coffee.

Outside the window it is bright. “Only two more hours,” I heard.

The TV in front of me has a map/travel station telling me what time it is where I am, what time it will be when we get there… all in German.

My nap was about 4 hours long.

Currently, Frankfurt is 6 hours ahead. Should get there at 11am local (5am US time).

Before I fell asleep, I realized I didn’t put a name tag on the bag I checked. This worries me.

Also to note: All the stewardesses are wearing full length dresses and big hair.

German lady quote: “I am mother of everyone.” She has twins. She made me eat part of her first meal.

The girl next to us was a conversationist. “2 out of 3” students didn’t find a job, engineers.

A monk, red robed and all, sitting across the aisle.

Of what I can see through clouds, Germany is beautiful.

4:57:32a touchdown in Frankfurt

6:23a local
12:23p Frankfurt