Ken Zinser


A reverse-chronological list of links I thought were worth sharing.

There is no reward –

If very few people are willing to pay us to create, we can still pay ourselves to do it by working a day job.

Beyond Getting Stuff Done - zen habits

Summer (un)Schooling - Austin Kleon

To orient toward doing - Human Stuff from Lisa Olivera

The Tao of Rick Rubin


2016 Oscar-Winning Short: “Stutterer”


F for Fake (1973) – How to Structure a Video Essay

Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Tenets of Storytelling – The Marginalian


The winners of Rest of World’s first photography contest

Outside, a Kathmandu-based design and technology studio

Why write? by Rebecca Toh

Chris’ Corner: Little Websites - CodePen Blog

50 conversations in Bangalore and Chennai

Unordered, incomplete list of things I want from a job

The HTML Review

Unsolicited Blogging Advice by Manu

Ask by Dan Mall