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Style Guide

This page includes the rules and guidelines I follow when writing on this website.

Grammar preferences

Use the Oxford comma in lists to provide clarity, with occasional use of the & to link two adjacent concepts.

Use hyphens for words like end-of-day, dashes – (using option -) to separate a single clause at the end of a sentence, and use full em dashes—without spaces—to add appositives (a small section of extra information that is inserted into a sentence for clarification) or to separate thoughts at the end of a sentence, or emphasize a list at the beginning of one

API, URL, JSON, ID, QR, RSS, MD, DF, PiP are capitalized accordingly

Features like Reading List are titled cased

Do not hyperlink punctuation at the end of sentences “Get my shortcut”/”Get the shortcut here.”/”View and add the shortcut here.”/”Get the shortcut” button

Linked posts

Author, on their blog/site | writing for website

Read the post/article/full piece/story (and follow him/her/them on Twitter / his/her/their blog)

Note for end of linked posts: If you have a blog post about Shortcuts, always feel free to tweet me the link. I post some of them here and in my newsletter too.



For short, single-paragraph quotes, include the author after an em-dash after a line break:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

For longer, multi-paragraph excerpts, include the author or source in a brief narrative preface:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

E pluribus unum.