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Monoculture of UX

Compared to the open web, apps like Facebook train humans to follow a narrow set of pathways or experiences.

It’s like we’re cattle being led to slaughter, walking through cramped metal gates and corridors of user experience and user interface design. Our phones are literally a fixed width, the walls closing in as we scroll endlessly.

Take something like Craigslist. The spartan interface requires a certain amount of effort and attention to discern options, a lot more friction in the experience. Then there is a lower chance for your posting to get traction or attention because people are using Facebook Marketplace, or other alternatives, they feel are more convenient because they follow the same worn pathways.

People get used to the shiny buttons and slick interface of an app. Like that Jesus take the wheel Vine, but for navigating the internet.

User experience design programs will inevitably produce homogeneity. Homogeneity breeds intolerance for things that don’t adhere to the set standards. Intolerance leads to discrimination based on unspoken standards. Discrimination leads to suffering.

I prefer the boundless pastures of the open web. Like a wild stallion.