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Three four-letter words. Three critical phases of creative collaboration.

View is the presentation phase.
Look at the thing. Take in all the details. The contents of it, the parts that are intended to be shared.

Talk is the reaction phase.
Talk about the thing. Comment on what you saw. Discuss classifications and characteristics, critique nitty gritty details.

Edit is the iteration phase.
Change the thing. Make it better in one or more ways. Tweak parts of it based on what you heard.

Repeat these phases as needed.

If I were to assign shapes to these three phases, it might look like this:

View is Square. Like the frame of a picture, a screen, a map.

Talk is Triangle. Like a megaphone, audio waves, two sides traversing the same subject.

Edit is Circle. Like the mark of a proofreader, or a jeweler’s loupe.