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Inspired by Merlin’s Wisdom Project. “Wisdom” as a label can feel pretentious, but it’s better than “lifehacks” (which is what I started with). Plus, I like the idea of people having /wisdom pages in the same way they have /now pages.

Use postcards as bookmarks. Pick the postcard to complement the subject. Or, self-address it, give the book as a gift, ask them to tell you how it is.

On GitHub, give your commits funny sound effects. If you’re not using it “right” you might as well have fun.

Take a picture or screenshot to remember when something happened, when you were looking at something.

Sometimes it benefits you to leave something out in a really obvious way rather than put it away in a place it doesn’t belong because you might forget to look for it there.

When your grocery store gives you a coupon for a free jar of peanut butter, get it and give it to your local food bank. (Sometimes they even have a donation barrel at the front!)