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Dial-up days

My early memories of the World Wide Web

For the longest time we only had the one computer. We kept it downstairs in the basement, on the finished side, on a medium brown wooden desk tucked around the corner from the staircase. It was a run-of-the-mill tower sitting under the desk, right on the beige and cream-colored linoleum floor. The CRT monitor would compete with stacks of papers and books and magazines for space on the desk.

It was the dial-up days. I remember getting booted off of AOL when my mom wanted to use the phone. I was an AIM lightweight, my buddy list consisted only of a few high school friends nerdy enough to spend sunny afternoons online.

One of the biggest influences on my digital demeanor was the microsite for the cult sci-fi movie, Donnie Darko.

The other was the microsite for the Gorillaz, their first album, I think.