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A small sampling of my stuff

When my design practice was focused primarily on graphic identities and visual communication programs, I was always collecting scraps of anything I thought looked cool. Brochures, flyers, stickers, posters, swatch books, paper samples. In the moment, each piece sparked my imagination, inspired some creative thought.

So now I have this collection of stuff sitting in boxes that I rarely revisit, and I can’t bring myself to just dump everything in the recycling bin. But maybe you’re like me and would appreciate a small, random something? If so, I’d like to send you a piece from my collection. No strings attached.

But why?

In my mind, this project has multiple benefits:

I let go of more physical things.

I get to meet other humans via the Weird Wide Web.

I get to write a short, critical analysis for each piece I send—good creative writing practice, and a kind of memory exercise.

We each get to build our vocabulary for critique.

You get some random thing from a stranger.

You get a story to tell your friends.

How it works

Step 1

Send me an email that includes your name and the mailing address. Optionally, tell me a little about yourself and some of your interests.

Step 2

I’ll find something among my papers, write a note about it (that I may or may not publish here), and send it to you via snail mail.

The fine print

I promise not to be creepy. I won’t store your information in any kind of database, or use your information for any purpose other than to send you a single piece of snail mail.

Anything I have that can be sent in a standard envelope with standard postage is fair game.

I’ll do my best to accommodate all mailing addresses, domestic (US) and international.

I reserve the right to discontinue this project if it becomes too costly or complicated.